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How Many Hours Should You Study Every Week?

As an Everest student, you know that there are a certain number of hours you should be studying each week.

Generally, the rule of thumb is that you should study approximately 2 hours for every one hour of classroom time. For example, if you spend 4 hours a week in a particular class, then you should spend 8 hours studying and doing homework.

However, this rule doesn’t apply to every class. And some classes are going to be easier for you than others — so here is a quick formula to help you determine the amount of time you should study each week:

Easy Class
If you’re in an easy class — and studying something that you’re somewhat familiar with – you could probably get away with studying 1 to 2 hours per class hour. You may even study less.

Not-So Easy Class
If you’re class isn’t too difficult, but also not easy — you’ll probably want to spend anywhere from 2 to 3 hours studying for every hour spent in class. If more hours are needed, take away hours from time spent studying in your easier courses.

Difficult Class
Classes that are difficult for you should consume most of your study time. You may need to spend up to 4 hours studying for every one hour spent in class. This can seem like a lot, but the time spent mastering the material is worth it

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