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Learning the Skeletal System with Chalk and Asphalt

Deb Holmes – a Medical Programs Director for Everest in St. Louis – was watching her granddaughter drawing with chalk on the sidewalk when she got an idea for her Medical Assisting class.

A few days later, on a clear and beautiful St. Louis day, Deb swept the parking lot, and armed with plenty of chalk, brought the 20 members of her class outside for a lesson on the human skeleton.

The students worked together in pairs, each pair assigned to one parking space. While one student laid in the parking space, the other drew an outline around the prone student.

Then, the students drew in the major bones of the skeleton. One student in the class was pregnant — in her drawing, she included the baby’s skeleton curled inside her own.

“It was a good way for them to see how the skeletal system all fits together,” said Deb.

“Of course, if a helicopter flew overhead, the pilot would probably think he was looking at a mass murder crime scene,” she added laughing.

Deb had attended her Division’s Inspire! training and came away from the workshop thinking of ways she could bring some of the concepts to life in her classes.

“The class had fun with the exercise, and it was a good learning experience. I’ll definitely use this technique again with future classes!”

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