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Barack Obama Congratulates Everest College Grads

letter.gifEverest College Chicago graduates received a congratulatory letter from Senator Barak Obama.Here is what he wrote:Dear Graduates:It is my honor to congratulate you all on your graduation from Everest College.  I am pleased to be part of this significant occasion and to have the opportunity to congratulate you on your achievement.As you leave school, I encourage you to ponder this question: “What will your place in history be?” America is a land of ambitious dreams and boundless optimism.  You can accomplish anything to which you set your mind.Your experiences and those you have met are inextricably linked to your destiny.Never forget the community in which you were raised or the values it reflects.  Your school has provided you with skills on which you will rely throughout your future career and in life. Use them well.I wish you all the best throughout your future endeavors.Sincerely,Barack ObamaUnited States Senator

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