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We Won’t Let You Fail at Everest


Attending school can be a challenge for many people. As such, we’ve developed a commitment to our students that entails providing the education and services that can give their dreams the substance needed to become a reality.

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Halloween Fun Facts


As you get ready to Trick-or-Treat, here are some Halloween Fun Facts to curdle your blood, tingle your spine and otherwise get you in a properly macabre mood:

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Happy Medical Assistant Recognition Week!


Every full third week of October is “Medical Assistant Recognition Week.” The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), which sponsors the event, has called upon medical offices of all types to pause and offer their medical assistants the recognition they most surely deserve. This year, Medical Assistant Recognition Week is October 19-23.

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How Massage Therapists Avoid Injury


While growing in popularity all across North America, massage therapy remains a physically challenging profession. To ensure a long and rewarding career, massage therapists need to take special care to avoid muscle strain and repetitive motion injuries.

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The Job of the Medical Assistant


Medical assistants are in high demand throughout most of the country. Several factors are driving the demand for medical assistants. America’s population is aging, which is increasing the need for medical services of all types. Also, the number of group practices and clinics is continuing to climb, which in turn increases demand for support personnel.

But just what does a medical assistant do? Generally speaking, a medical assistant’s responsibilities can be divided between clinical and clerical.

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Pharmacy Technician Program training at Everest Institute – Eagan


The job of a pharmacy technician can be exciting and rewarding. With the right kind of training and hands-on-experience you can qualify to join the ranks of thousands of pharmacy technicians who are living the career of their dreams. It can be a great adventure, and for many, an enjoyable experience to work alongside licensed pharmacists.

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Train Now to be a Dental Assistant at Everest Institute – Chelsea


Everest Institute – Chelsea believes that training to be a dental assistant can be an important game changer for those looking to earn a living in supporting and promoting good dental health. Dental assistants have a lot of pride and can demand a measure of respect by becoming an important member of a dental health team.

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Medical Assistant Programs that Work


Medical assistant programs that graduate qualified candidates are preferred by a majority of employers. Medical assistant programs can be through vocational-technical high school courses, colleges, or post-secondary vocational school venues.

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Finding A Mentor and Role Model at Everest College


Finding a mentor or a role model can be a valuable thing in life. Sometimes the relationship can be structured, and at other times it may not be. Whatever the case, a good role model can help you discover your place and find direction in a world that’s constantly on the move.

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Dental Assisting Program Launches At Everest College – Colorado Springs

Everest College is helping meet the growing need for dental assistants through its recently launched Dental Assisting Diploma program at its Colorado Springs Campus. New program meets rising community need for dental assistant jobs.

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