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This is the place to get the latest Everest news and events.

Everest Launches Mobile Website To Enhance User Experience

Everest Mobile Site

Everest Mobile website optimized for more than just smart phones

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How an Education Can Inspire the Thanks – in – Giving


At Everest, we know that an education can inspire the thanks – in – giving. We hope that you’ll discover us this holiday season.

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Discover and Develop Great Life Skills at Everest


Along with an education that can serve as a solid foundation, why not let Everest help you develop life skills that can be leveraged throughout a lifetime!

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What is Everest?


Everest has helped thousands of people to reach their education goals. Why not you?

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Thanksgiving Fun Facts – Let’s Talk Turkey!

Thanksgiving Turkey

‘Tis the season for buckled shoes, giant Snoopy balloons and L Tryptophan overload. In honor of the upcoming holiday, here are some Thanksgiving Fun Facts you can share with family over the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce:

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Is There An Easier Way to Learn? Everest Thinks So!


At Everest, we don’t just think there’s a better way to learn–we know there’s a better way to learn.

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Excellence in Teaching – North Aurora Instructor Wins Award


Wendy Skonie, a medical assisting instructor at Everest College – North Aurora, is one of those rare individuals that can inspire students on to greater heights. Winning the “Corinthian Dream Maker Award” for excellence in teaching is simply the by-product of a 98% student satisfaction rate and a 98.6% retention rate. Her dedication and ability to inspire makes her class one of the top programs on campus.

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How To Select A Career Path – Everest To The Rescue


If you’re thinking about attending Everest, chances are landing the job of your dreams is also weighing heavily on your mind. We like to think that finding your niche is an important reason you would choose Everest.

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Online Education Programs – An Original Approach

Enrolling in online education programs can yield tremendous benefits and results for teachers with little time to pursue advanced education in the traditional manner.

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13 Facts about Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

To many people in the Western world, Friday the 13th is a day filled with dread. In fact, fear of Friday the 13th is so common it even has two names: “Paraskavedekatriaphobia” and “Friggatriskaidekaphobia.” (The better-known “Triskaidekaphobia” is mere fear of the number 13 itself.)

Here, then, for all you black cat, spilled salt and broken mirror avoiders, are 13 fascinating fun facts about Friday the 13th:

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