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‘Medical Assistant’ Ranks High on U.S. News’ Top 50 Job List

Medical Assistant“Medical Assistant” is the No. 4 health care career on the “50 Best Jobs for 2012” list just published by U.S. News & World Report. “It’s a good time to get a foot in the door in the medical field, and assistants who support doctors and nurses as they diagnose and treat patients are definitely in demand,” said the report’s authors. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects medical assistant employment growth of 30.9 percent between 2010 and 2020, with the field adding 162,900 more jobs.”

John Challenger, CEO of the outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas, is quoted in the article, stating, “Health care has become the core industry in this country, just like manufacturing in another era. It’s a confluence of forces causing this, including the science involved in uncovering new frontiers, the aging of the population, and government’s commitment to providing health care to a broader generation of people. That causes job growth in several sectors.”

But growth alone does not account for the medical assistant profession’s high ranking. Job satisfaction is another factor. “It’s crucial to include professional fulfillment as a measure of a good or bad occupation, particularly as [our] scores are pulled from the actual reviews of those who currently work or have previously worked one of our Best Jobs,” said Samantha Zupan of the job review website Glassdoor, who contributed to the report.

Finally, the ease at which someone can become a medical assistant helped it achieve a high rank. “Although there are fast-growing occupations on our list that demand rigorous training (as they should), the Department of Labor projects that the number of health care support jobs — like medical assistant or clinical laboratory technician — should increase more rapidly than any other major occupational group up to the year 2020. Neither job requires more than an associate degree,” U.S. News stated.

To see the complete article, visit U.S. News & World Report here.

Get Medical Assistant Training at Everest

Everest is at the forefront of training tomorrow’s medical assistants, training and placing more medical assistants than any other school in the United States. Medical assistant career training is currently available at most of the approximately 100 Everest College, University and Institute campuses across the country. Everest’s Medical Assistant program is available as a 10-month diploma program. (Programs and availability vary by campus.)

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