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What is a Contract?


A contract is an agreement between two parties for an exchange of goods, services or actions. To be valid, a contract must contain five elements.

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Scrubs: Prepare Your Wardrobe for Your New Medical Career

Nearly anyone working in the medical field requires wearing medical or nursing scrubs. Learn the basics about choosing medical scrubs in your new career.

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What Is a Medical Transcriptionist?

Medical Transcriptionist Training

What is a medical transcriptionist and what do they do? Everest Continuing Education now offers medical transcriptionist training online. Learn more.

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Massage Therapy Ranks High in U.S. News’ Top 50 Job List


“Massage Therapist” is the No. 8 health care career on the “50 Best Jobs for 2012” list just published by U.S. News & World Report.

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Health Care Training in Southern California


Health care training in Southern California can provide the perfect opportunity to prepare for a respected career. Contact Everest to learn more.

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The Best Reason of All to Stay in School


If you’re thinking about dropping out, you might want to think again. A full 25 percent of high school dropouts 25 and older are currently unemployed.

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Medical News Notes – March 5, 2012


City air linked to brain impairment. Good diets can save your brain … and overeating can make you lose your mind. These and other stories in this week’s Medical News Notes.

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