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Train to Be a Pharmacy Tech at Everest Institute in Kendall, Fla.

PharmacyTechnician2Pharmacies are a big business in Florida. As of October 2013, there were more than 5,300 retail pharmacies doing business in the state. More than 930 pharmacies were listed in the Miami area alone.[1]

The vast majority of these pharmacies employ pharmacy technicians to handle the day-to-day work of preparing prescriptions, filling out labels and interacting with customers. In fact, as of 2010, more than 21,600 pharmacy technicians were employed in the state full- or part-time.[2] That averages out to just over four pharmacy techs per pharmacy.

As for future trends, the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation projects the number of pharmacy tech jobs in the state to increase 25 percent by the end of the decade.[2]

Does this sound like a career field worth exploring?

Pharmacy Technician Training at Everest in Kendall

If you live or work in southern Miami-Dade County, you can train for a pharmacy tech career at Everest Institute in Kendall. Everest’s Pharmacy Technician program is designed to give you the academic background, technical training and practical experience you need to qualify for entry-level positions in this field.

As a pharmacy technician student, you’ll study a wide range of relevant subjects, including:

  • Pharmacy administration
  • Pharmaceutical calculations
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems
  • Nutrition
  • Medical terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • Health care systems

You’ll “learn by doing” in a workshop environment that simulates an actual working retail pharmacy. You’ll get to practice your skills using the same systems and equipment found in the working world. Your instructors will be experienced pharmacy technicians who know the ins and outs of this challenging field and can give you practical advice on what it takes to succeed.

If you study full time, you can complete Everest’s Pharmacy Technician program and be ready for work in as little as 10 months. Once you graduate, you can take advantage of Everest’s Career Services department, which offers counseling and support on how to get and succeed in a job.* This includes help writing your resume, rehearing interviewing techniques, choosing a professional wardrobe and then setting up appointments with local employers.

About the Kendall Campus

Everest Institute’s Kendall campus is located at 9020 SW 137th Avenue in Miami, Fla. (33186). The campus is approximately one mile east of the intersection of Florida Turnpike’s Homestead Extension and SW 88th Street on Miami’s far south side. In addition to its Pharmacy Technician program, the Kendall campus also offers career education programs in:

  • Accounting
  • Applied Management
  • Business
  • Business Sales and Customer Service
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice — Private and Homeland Security
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Surgical Technologist

Contact Everest Today

For more information on the Everest Institute’s Pharmacy Technician career training program in Kendall, Fla., contact Everest today.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

*Your own hard work, professionalism, experience, work attitude, local market and other factors will impact your personal employment opportunities and pay.

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