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Get Your Medical Assistant Training at Everest Institute in Norcross

3medassistants.JPGAre you tired of boring, dead-end jobs? Are you looking for a career with variety, challenge and meaning? Would you like to be part of a growing, respected industry? If so, consider training to be a medical assistant. And if you live in north suburban Atlanta, consider getting your medical assistant training at Everest Institute in Norcross.

Medical assistants provide valuable support services in physicians’ offices, clinics and other health care facilities. They often take patient vital signs, create and update medical records, take blood samples, give injections, prepare medical instruments and assist doctors during examinations.

To be a successful medical assistant, you need to be organized, empathetic, good with oral communication, able to handle responsibility and work on your feet for long lengths of time. You also need to be trained in the basics of human anatomy, human diseases and medical procedures.

There’s a growing demand for medical assistants both in Georgia and throughout the United States in general. In Georgia, the number of medical assistant jobs is projected to increase 27 percent between 2010 and 2020, according to the Georgia Department of Labor Workforce Information and Analysis. Nationally, demand is projected to increase 31 percent this decade, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.*

The Medical Assistant Program in Norcross

The Medical Assistant career training program at Everest Institute in Norcross is designed to give you the knowledge, practice and experience you need to qualify for entry-level medical assistant positions anywhere in the Atlanta area. It’s based on the Medical Assistant program offered at dozens of Everest campuses throughout the United States. The program has proven to be highly successful in preparing students for medical assistant careers. In fact, Everest trains and graduates more medical assistants than any other school in the United States.

At Everest in Norcross, you’ll have an opportunity to study:

  • Human Anatomy, Physiology and Diseases of the Major Body Systems
  • Medication Administration, Injections and Venipuncture
  • Nutrition, patient care and communication
  • Medical terminology
  • First Aid, CPR
  • Medical insurance processing
  • Medical law, ethics and professionalism
  • First aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and injury prevention
  • Office administration and emergency preparedness
  • In-Office Laboratory procedures

Your classes will be small, so you’ll be able to get lots of personal attention. Your instructors will be health care industry professionals who will be happy to share their real-world experiences with you. You’ll learn hands-on using the tools and technologies found in most modern health care facilities. And because of the program’s accelerated curriculum, you’ll be able to graduate and be ready for work in less than a year.

To help you transition from school into the workplace, Everest offers Career Services support. The campus’s Career Services professionals can help you write an effective resume, rehearse interviewing techniques, assemble a professional wardrobe and assist you in identifying and contacting local employers. Everest does not guarantee job placement, but we do give you the academic training you need to compete for positions and remain available to help you in your job search.

About the Norcross Campus

Everest Institute’s Norcross campus is at 1750 Beaver Ruin Road in Norcross, Ga. (30093). The campus is just east of the intersection of Beaver Ruin Road and I-85. In addition to its Medical Assistant program, the Everest campus also offers career training programs in Criminal Justice, Dental Assistant, Massage Therapy, Medical Administrative Assistant, and Medical Insurance Billing and Coding.

For more information on medical assistant career training in Norcross, contact Everest for more information today!

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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