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Learn to Manage a Medical Office at Everest College in Skokie, Ill.

MedicalOfficeFrontDesk-1There are thousands of physicians’ offices throughout the Chicago area, from general practitioners and cosmetic surgeons to podiatrists and dentists. Doctors work in private offices, clinics and emergency care centers to help maintain the health of men, women and children throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

But someone has to actually run these offices. And it’s usually not the physicians themselves, who are far too busy seeing patients to deal with day-to-day office management. Instead, these responsibilities usually fall to the medical office administrative assistant.

Medical office administrative assistants are in some ways similar to the administrative assistants you’d find in traditional office settings. They make and receive phone calls. They set appointments. They inventory and order supplies. They deal with suppliers. They pay bills.

But because they work in a medical setting, medical office administrative assistants also must have basic medical knowledge, understand medical terminology, deal with insurance companies and know how to create, maintain and retrieve medical records. They must also know and act within the limits of state and federal regulatory agencies.

If helping run a modern medical office sounds like something you’d like to do, and you live or work on Chicago’s North Shore, you can get the background and training you need to qualify for most entry-level positions in this field at Everest College in Skokie.

Everest College in Skokie offers a Medical Administrative Assistant program you can complete in less than a year. The program will train you in key skills necessary to add value to any private practice or clinic, including:

  • Basic principles of accounting
  • Computer applications
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical law and ethics
  • Communications
  • Electronic medical records

At Everest, you’ll learn hands-on by practicing the kinds of duties you’d routinely perform in a real medical office. Your instructors will be health care industry professionals, so you know your training will be relevant. Upon graduation, you’ll be able to get further support from Everest’s Career Services staff, which can provide help with all aspects of your job hunt, including setting appointments with local employers.

About the Skokie Campus

Everest’s Skokie campus is located at 9811 Woods Drive just off Old Orchard Road between Edens Expressway (I-94) and the Harms Woods forest preserve. In addition to its Medical Administrative Assistant program, the Skokie campus offers career training programs in other health care fields, including dental assistant, massage therapy, medical assistant, medical insurance billing and coding, and pharmacy technician.

For more information on the Medical Administrative Assistant career training program in Skokie, contact Everest today!

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

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